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There are currently thirteen members of the Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee. Each member is volunteering for a three year term which vary according to when their term started. Each year, the committee votes for their co-chair representatives as well as chairs for the Built Environment Standing Committee and Transportation Standing Committee.

Each year staff will begin seeking new applicants in the fall for the committee based on the number of people with their terms ending. We will not review applications throughout the year however if you would like to fill out the application and submit it to us please click here.


Moore, Greg - City of Kitchener

Kuhn, David - City of Kitchener

Committee Members:

Bender, Rob - Township of Wilmot

Cameron, Keri - City of Kitchener

Clelland, Dawn - City of Kitchener

Giles, Sharon - City of Kitchener

Hartzler, Donna - Township of Wilmot

Master, Laura - City of Kitchener

Moorhead, Amanda - City of Kitchener

Must, Kathie - City of Waterloo

Robinson, Brenda - City of Waterloo

Saunders, Paula - City of Kitchener *Chair of the Built Environment Standing Committee

Shipley, Mike - Township of Woolwich

Speers, Carrie - City of Kitchener *Chair of the Transportation Standing Committee

Tutty, Andrew - City of Kitchener

Council Liasons:

Foxton, Sue - Regional Municipality of Waterloo

Mavin, Bob - City of Waterloo

Galloway-Sealock, Kelly - City of Kitchener