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Early consultation offers the public with an opportunity to receive preliminary feedback from Township planners and the other government(s) department(s) and agencies. Consultation is required prior to making any application to the Township, unless otherwise determined by staff.

Development Application Forms

Telecommunication tower protocol

The purpose of this protocol is to outline the local land-use consultation process and guidelines to be followed in evaluating communication tower and communication antenna site proposals within the Township of North Dumfries, providing guidance to the communications industry, Industry Canada, Township Council, Township staff and members of the public. The following documents are available to assist you with the applicable development process at the Township of North Dumfries:

resources for planning applications

Please use the following web links if you wish to obtain more information about land use planning in Ontario. The information that you can find on the web pages should be useful during consultations and while you are making an application under the Planning Act to the Township of North Dumfries.