By-law Enforcement

The By-Law Enforcement Officer is responsible for investigating all complaints involving by-law violations in North Dumfries. If you have a complaint or a question regarding the compliance of a by-law, handling inquiries or enforcement, please contact 519-632-8800. 

The Township will only respond to formal complaints received from a complainant who provides their full name, address and a telephone contact number or valid email address, whether that complaint is made verbally or in writing. The complaint must include the exact location of the alleged violation as well as the nature of the complaint.

  • Please note, By-law Enforcement Officers will not investigate anonymous complaints unless the alleged violation concerns an immediate threat to public health or safety.

The details of any complainant obtained in order for an investigation to be initiated is collected, used and disclosed pursuant to the requirements of the Municipal Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act.

In accordance with section 14.(3) (b) of the Act, personal information that is compiled as part of an investigation into a possible By-law violation is not disclosed, except to the extent that is necessary to prosecute the alleged violation, or to continue the investigation. A complainant may be required as a witness to present evidence in support of the complaint at any subsequent trial held at the Ontario Court of Law, or at a hearing, appeal or tribunal.

Any complaint that is determined to be vexatious in nature will be entered into the Township's complaint system, but will not be investigated, unless the alleged violation concerns an immediate threat to public health or safety.

A 'vexatious complaint' is one where the Township determines that the complaint is designed or intended only to cause annoyance, frustration or worry to the defendant and which may be without sufficient grounds.