The North Dumfries Fire Department traces its roots back to the late 1890's when a re-organization of a previous unofficial fire brigade protected the small village of Ayr. When the village was incorporated into the Township, the present day Township of North Dumfries Fire Department was officially adopted.

 Ayr Fire Truck Revitalization

In 1925, the Ayr Fire Department tendered for a chemical fire truck and the tender was awarded to the Ayr Garage; the cost was $900 and it arrived in 1926. The truck had two 30 gallon tanks and 200 feet of rubber hose and carried 1000 feet of 1.5" and 2.5" hose. In 1930, the chemical equipment was moved to a new 1930 Model A Ford Chassis. This truck was in use until 1960. The tanks were then taken off and dual wheels were put on the back with a 250 gallon tank installed on the hose bed. The pressure in the chemical tanks was made by dropping a small bottle of sulphuric acid into the tanks full of bicarbonate of soda.



This fire truck was eventually sold to a local resident where it made a few appearances at antique car shows, later being sold again to a family outside of the township. Unfortunately, the truck was not cared for properly and spent much time weathering the Canadian weather outdoors. The fire department of Ayr saw an opportunity to purchase the truck in hopes to restore it. Raising some funds and donating their own time and money, the fire department acquired the truck and began a campaign to raise money to restore this piece of history.


Fire Truck before restoration

After countless hours of hard work and fundraising, the fire department was able to acquire enough money to restore the truck to its original beauty. Currently the only thing missing are the original tanks, however the fire department hopes to have replicas custom built to complete the truck. The Township now owns the truck and it is stored in a secure garage in order to maintain the restoration. The truck will be used for education purposes and at local events. To understand the history of our local fire department and give new generations a glimpse at the advances in firefighting technology over the years.

A huge thank you goes out to the current and retired fire fighters for taking on this project, as well as everyone who donated their time and money to the cause. Your efforts have ensured a piece of Canadian history holds its place in the Township of North Dumfries.


Left side of Restored Truck 

Right side of Restored Truck

 Truck Rear of Restored Truck