fire operations

NDFD Fire Operations consists of 4 platoons shifts of 31 fire figthers, all are volunteers and report to the Fire Chief. Each platoon consists of a Captain and 6 - 7 fire fighters. They man five engines, two pumpers, rescue/command, 55 ft Aerial and a tanker which are always available for emergencies. Engines respond to all first aid calls to enhance available man power and treatment.

The function of the NDFD involves more than just responding to and extinguishing fire. Some other activities include:
  • Vehicle collisions (Rural and Hwy 401)
  • Medical response
  • Fire safety education
  • First aid training
  • Smoke detector inspections


 Pumper 1
pumper 1



5 Person Cab1,000 gallon water tank
1,250 gpm pump c/w dump valve
1,500 gallon port-a-tank
65,000 watt electrical generator
Foam Dispenser
Grass Fire Equipment

Tanker 3 
tanker 3


2,800 gallon tank c/w dump valve
1,500 gallon port-a-tank

 Pumper 4Pump4







6 Person Cab
800 Gallon water tank
1,250 gpm pump
Water turret
Heavy hydraulics extrication tools (Jaws)
Foam Generator
Hand tools
6,500 watt electric generator


Rescue 5rescue 5







Heavy hydraulic extrication tools
Hi-pressure air rescue bags
First Responder EMS Kit
Land base water rescue equipment
Confined space
Communication equipment
6,500 watt generator


Aerial 7Aerial 7







5 person cab
1996 Navistar/international 55 ft. telescopic
500 gallon water tank

coverage area

The North Dumfries Fire Department services the entire Township.

coverage area