As required through government through the Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP), the Township of North Dumfries must report certain performance data concerning township services. MPMP is a performance measurement and reporting system that promotes local government transparency and accountability. It is one of the several tools used by the Township for continuous improvement of municipal services.

Providing performance measure to the public will help to:

  • increase citizen awareness
  • make informed municipal service decisions
  • enhance accountability by reporting to taxpayers
  • foster innovation and accountability in local government
The Township reports on performance data in the following core service areas:
  • General Government
  • Fire
  • Roads
  • Parks and Recreation and
  • Land-Use Planning
Services such as sewers, water, transit, solid waste and library services are reported by the upper-tier municipality (the Region of Waterloo) since North Dumfries is a lower-tier municipality. The measures and formulae used to determine the efficiency and effectiveness are established by the Province of Ontario.


notice to reader

Due to municipalities being unique, it is important to recognize that raw financial data on services is only one segment of the larger picture of municipal performance. Many factors affect the measurements which makes comparisons between municipalities difficult. Many factors such as priorities, organizational structure and municipality size vary between municipalities.
Also, some measures do not measure the actual performance of a service. Measures that may relate to a cost of a service to a municipality's assessment do not measure performance.