Responsibility for the roads in North Dumfries Township is in the hands of both the Township and the Region. The Township is responsible for local road maintenance and construction while the Region is responsible for the transportation issues of all major routes.

Local Roads

The Public Works department is responsible for all of the construction and maintenance on the local roads in the Township of North Dumfries.

If you have any questions regarding these services please call 519-621-7885.

Ayr Roads Need Assessment Study - Final Report - January 29th, 2010

Regional Road Construction Work Report: 2011-2020

Major Routes

The Transportation Division of the Engineering Department of the Region of Waterloo is in charge of all issues related to road construction, maintenance and traffic services.

For any inquiries regarding major routes in North Dumfries Township and/or the Region of Waterloo consult the following resources or visit the Transportation Division website.

Access Permits 519-575-4400
Accident Statistics 519-575-4400
By-Laws 519-575-4400 
Detours 519-575-4400 
Development 519-575-4400
Municipal Consents 519-575-4400
Noise Barriers
Development Conditions 

Oversize Load Permits 519-575-4400 
Pavement Management Systems519-575-4400 
Pavement Markings 519-575-4400 
Road Works (proposed) 519-575-4400
Road Maintenance 519-575-4400 
Signal Timings 519-575-4400 
Signal Installations 519-575-4400 
Signal Contracts 519-575-4400 
Signal Malfunctions 519-575-4400 
Signal Maintenance 519-575-4400 
Signs 519-575-4400 
Speed Limits 519-575-4400 
Special Event Permits 519-575-4400 
Traffic Counts/Volumes 519-575-4400 
Work Permits 519-575-4400