municipal addressing

Municipal addressing is governed by the Municipal Addressing By-Law # 1786-99. The By-Law currently outlines rules outlining the address signage in North Dumfries settlement areas. It is important for property owners, regardless of where in the Township they are located, to ensure their properties are easily identified from the street for emergency purposes and general day to day applications.  

Signs shall be installed in the following manner:

  1. The sign shall have a minimum size of six (6) inches in height.
  2. The sign shall be visible from the road.
  3. The sign shall be in accordance with the number assigned to the property, and
  4. The owner shall be responsible for the maintenance of said house numbering sign.

When considering the placement of house numbers the Township stresses the location be easily detected and visible from the road. It has been noted that many address numbers on existing homes are either difficult to read, or in some cases nonexistent. The Township will contact residents on an as needed basis to address this issue and reduce the number of infractions.