Township of North Dumfries Official Plan

On December 16, 2013, Township Council passed By-law No. 2605-13 to adopt Official Plan Amendment No. 26 to the Official Plan for the Corporation of the Township of North Dumfries. This amendment updated the Township's existing Official Plan, which was last reviewed in 1998, to bring it into conformity with several changes in Provincial and Regional planning policy, including the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (2006), the new Provincial Policy Statement (2009), the Region of Waterloo's new Regional Official Plan (2009), and other key policy changes. 

The Region of Waterloo approved OPA No. 26, in part, with modifications on August 21, 2014 under Section 17 and 26 of the Planning Act. Various parties subsequently appealed portions of OPA No. 26 to the Ontario Municipal Board. Some of these appeals remain pending before the Board at this time. 

To assist the reader, the Township has prepared this consolidation of the Official Plan to reflect the status of the Official Plan as of February 2016. This Consolidation has been published for reference only. In the case of a discrepancy or inconsistency between this Consolidation and the Township's Official Plan, or any amendments thereto, as approved by Regional Council or the Ontario Municipal Board, the content of the approved Official Plan or the amendments thereto shall prevail. To obtain the legal status of any specific policy in this Official Plan, please contact the Township's planning department. 

Reference should be made to the Region of Waterloo Regional Official Plan to determine applicable Regional Official Plan policies.

To make a change to the Official Plan, you must apply for an official plan amendment. Pre-Consultation  is required prior to applying for an Official Plan Amendment. For more information please contact the Township Planner, Michelle Schaefle, at



For Official Plan policies that were appealed or deferred in the 2016 Consolidation, reference should be made to policies in the May 2008 Consolidation. 

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Complete Cover, Contents & Text 

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Title Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Plan Framework
Chapter 2: General Development Policies
Chapter 3: General Land Use Policies
Chapter 4: Economic Development
Chapter 5: Natural Resource Management
Chapter 6: Environmental Management
Chapter 7: Heritage Resource Management
Chapter 8: Implementation and Interpretation
Schedule 'A': Designated Road Allowances

Official Plan Consolidation Map Links
consolidation date - may 1, 2008

1: Context Map
2A: Land Use Map
2B: Land Use Map
2.1: Ayr Urban Area
2.2: Branchton Settlement Area
2.3: Brown's Settlement Area
2.4: Clarkson Settlement Area
2.5: Clyde Settlement Area
2.6: Dickie One Settlement Area
2.7: Dickie Two Settlement Area
2.8: Greenfield Settlement Area
2.9: Hall Settlement Area
2.10: H'ayritage Settlement Area
2.11: Highway 24 Settlement Area

2.12: Innanen Settlement Area
2.13: Lockie Settlement Area

2.14: Mackie Settlement Area
2.15: McLean Settlement Area
2.16: Morrison Settlement Area
2.17: Parker Settlement Area
2.18: Plumtree Settlement Area 
2.19: Ranchlands Settlement Area
2.20: Reidsville Settlement Area
2.21: Riverview Settlement Area
2.22: Roseville Settlement Area
2.23: Taylor Settlement Area
2.24: Wrigley Settlement Area
2.25: Young Settlement Area
2.26: Hwy. 24 Industrial/Commercial Area
2.27: Hwy 401 and Regional Rd. 46 Industrial/Commercial Area
2.28: Hwy 401 and Regional Rd. 97 Industrial/Commercial Area
2.29: Hwy 401 and Township Rd. 2 Industrial/Commercial Area
2.30: Regional Roads 12 and 50 Industrial/Commercial Area
2.31: Regional Rd. 58 and Township Rd. 3 Industrial/Commercial Area
2.32: Township Rd. 17 Industrial/Commercial Area
2.33: Morrison Rd.
2.34: Kings Rd.
2.35: Special Policy Area Roseville Rd.
3. Transportation
4. Agricultural Resource Area
5. Mineral Aggregate Resource Area
6A. Environmental Areas
6B. Environmental Areas
6C. Environmental Areas: Hazard Lands
7. Watershed Studies Areas