Police services in the Township of North Dumfries are operated by the Waterloo Regional Police Services.

To visit Waterloo Regional Police Services, click here.

Reporting Non Emergency Incidents

At recent meetings of the Police Committee there is quite a bit of discussion regarding situations that go unreported or are reported through a third person days after the situation has taken place. 

We are seeking the assistance of the public in regards to reporting issues. You may not want to see an officer, you can make a verbal report over the phone, and this report will be entered and given an incident number. The justification for police patrols is based upon the number of instances reported but more importantly the police can only deal with what they are aware of.

We need the public to be the eyes of the police; we need people to call in if they see individuals hanging around. The police will drive up and check the situation out. 

If you see something that you think may lead to a situation please call 519-570-3000.

Thank you for your assistance in working together with your community, your police and your Township.

Filing an Online Incident Report

The Waterloo Regional Police offers online reporting for incidents meeting specific criteria in non emergency instances. Follow the link to get to the Online Reporting webpage and criteria. This is for Waterloo Region incidents only. Please read the entire page to determine the appropriate reporting path for your incident.

Reports may only be filed online under the following circumstances:

  • Theft under $5000
  • Theft from a Vehicle under $5000
  • Damage to Property under $5000
  • Damage to Vehicle under $5000
  • Lost Property under $5000

Reporting currently only available in english **

 Police Detachment

For non-emergency situations and further information you may contact a detachment office for your area.

Waterloo Region Dispatch
Phone: (519) 653-7700

HSD Cambridge Detachment
Phone: (519) 654-0150
Fax: (519) 654-9650


Click here to go to the O.P.P. Detachment Finder.