Zoning By-law 689-83

Every property in the Township of North Dumfries is subject to the zoning by-law. A zoning by-law establishes and regulates the use of land by implementing the policies of the Official Plan including the permitted use of land, height and location of structures, lot size and density of development. The current Zoning By-law is By-law 689-83 as amended. 

The consolidated version available today is dated May 1, 2008. Please be advised the consolidated version is subject to error and is provided only for convenience and information purposes. Regard should always be had to the original documentation available during regular business hours at the Township office.

The amend the zoning on a property, a Zone Change Application must be submitted.
Before submitting your application, a pre-submission consultation form from the Township's planning department must be completed. This form can be found here. While completing the pre-submission consultation form, you are encouraged to submit a sketch plan of the proposed development or request.

zoning by-law 689-83
consolidation date - JULY 1, 2012

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