Burn Permits

Fire Permit for Open Air Burning BY-LAW# 2316-08

  • Burn permits allow burning from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. only
  • Not more than ONE CUBIC METRE of material at one time
  • Must be located at least 4.6M or 15ft from nearest property line
  • Must not be greater than 1M by 1M in size
  • Only untreated wood products can be burned

By Law 2316-08 can be found here in full.

Bylaw #2316-08 is a by-law to regulate the setting and precautions respecting setting of fires. The provisions of the by-law
appear on the Burn Permit and nothing implied or written shall be reason to void any of its stipulations. 

Burn Permits are available at the Ayr Fire Department and are now available to apply for online through e-mail, by fax, mail or in person.

Please Note: Burning without a permit can result in charges being laid which will incur a $350 charge per emergency vehicle attending and a further fine for up to $1,000 for a by-law infraction.

To fill out your Burn Permit Application Form (.docx) and submit, please click here.