The Township of North Dumfries has a number of committees which bring attention to aspects of the community and discuss various topics or concerns relevant to the Township. In this section you will find information pertaining to committees, requests for committee members, terms of reference and  minutes of the various committee meetings. The Township has five active committees and three groups that are liaison to Council at this point and are as follows:

Liaison to Policing Advisory Committee - Rural Division

Liaison to Policing Advisory Committee - South Division

Recreation & Culture Advisory Committee

Trails & Cycling Advisory Committee

Liaison to Seniors Advisory Committee

Economic Development Advisory Committee

Aggregate Advisory Committee 

Municipal Heritage Committee

Finance Committee

**NEW** Canada 150 programming Committee 

North Dumfries Council has approved a Canada 150 Committee to engage the community through 2017 Canada's Sesquicentennial event. This will be achieved through educational programs, activities, exhibitions and premier Canada Day celebrations that are designed to instil pride and commitment to Canada on both an individual and community level.

Applications are being accepted until March 24, 2016 at 4:30 pm

Aggregate advisory committee

The purpose of North Dumfries Aggregate Advisory Committee is to monitor the oversight responsibilities of all levels of government, the aggregate industry and other stakeholders pertaining to the extraction, processing and transport of aggregate while offering ideas and advice to improve the sustainability of the aggregate industry and the well-being of the Township.

Full Terms of Reference

recreation & Culture advisory committee

The Township of North Dumfries Recreation and Culture Advisory Committee will serve to strengthen and increase recreational opportunities for all residents. Recreation is described in a broad sense that encompasses sport, arts and culture, general leisure programs, festivals and community events, as well as recreation infrastructure.

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Trails and Cycling Advisory Committee

The Township of North Dumfries Trails and Cycling Advisory Committee will advise Council on matters related to active transportation and trails, monitor the implementation of the Township of Nor ht Dumfries Trails/Cycling Master Plan and encourage, promote and participate in the planning of active transportation policies, programs, and facilities.

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Liaison to seniors Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Seniors Advisory Committee is to act as a liaison to enrich the lives of seniors in the Township, identify barriers, form partnerships with the community, and act as a public forum for issues affecting seniors. The Liaisons to the Committee will provide advice to Council on seniors issues, solicit input from the senior's community and promote awareness with in the Township of North Dumfries.

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Economic development advisory committee

The purpose of the North Dumfries Economic Development Advisory Committee is to provide an advisory and consultative role to Township of North Dumfries Council on matters relating to the attraction, development and retention of all business sectors within the municipality.

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Liaison to policing advisory committee
Rural division & South Division

Two Liaison committees are covered. The Liaisons to the Policing Advisory Committee - Rural Division will serve residents covered by the Waterloo Region Police rural division and the Policing Advisory Committee - South Division will serve residents covered by the Waterloo Regional Police south division. The purpose of the committees are to act as support and liaison to the Waterloo Regional Police, Township Council and the public to achieve optimum policing services in the Township.

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Heritage Committee

Under the Ontario Heritage Act R.S.O. 1990 the Municipal Council has the authority to designate heritage structures which have historical and/or architectural significance. The Township of North Dumfries Heritage Committee researches and makes recommendations to Council concerning buildings which may be eligible for designation as well as any proposed alterations/improvements that are to be made to properties already designated under the Act.

The heritage committee has an email address for the public to contact them. Email North Dumfries Heritage Commitee here. 

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The Township of North Dumfries Finance Committee is a standing committee of Council.   Its primary function is to assist Council in an advisory role to on financial matters of the Municipality. The Finance Committee has all 5 members of Council appointed to it.   Typical tasks of the committee will be to review annual Financial Statement,  budgets, financial planning, reporting and approval and monitoring of internal controls and accountability practices.

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